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Das darf man keinem Indie-Pop Fan vorenthalten. der zehnte Podcast von How Does It Feel To Be Loved? ist voll mit einer tollen Zusammenstellung von Sarah Records Tracks (Tracklist siehe unten). Ganz nüchtern lautet die Überschrift:

“On May 15 2003, Matt and Clare of Sarah DJed at HDIF. I asked them to play their pick of the Sarah releases and this is what they selected.”

als wäre das nichts besonderes…Die anderen Podcasts sind natürlich auch absolut empfehlenswert und bei Mixcloud zu finden: . Weiter Infos auf der Website

Hdif Podcast #10 by How Does It Feel To Be Loved? on Mixcloud

Heavenly ­ C Is The Heavenly Option

14 Iced Bears ­ Unhappy Days

Boyracer ­ I’ve Got It & It’s Not Worth Having

Even As We Speak ­ Falling Down The Stairs

Secret Shine ­ Temporal
The Field Mice ­ Sensitive
The Orchids ­ Something For The Longing

The Springfields ­ Sunflower
The Sugargliders ­ Ah Prahran

Another Sunny Day ­ Horseriding
St Christopher ­ My Fortune

The Sweetest Ache ­ She Believes
The Hit Parade ­ Autobiography

Tramway Technical College
Brighter Noah’s Ark
Sea Urchins Pristine Chrstine

Talulah Gosh Be Your Baby

Action Painting! These Things Happen

The Wake Crush The Flowers
East River Pipe Silhouette Town

The Orchids Thaumaturgy
Blueboy Imipramine
Heavenly Attagirl
The Field Mice Missing The Moon

The Orchids Sadness Of Sex
Even As We Speak Drown

The Golden Dawn George Hamilton’s Dead

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