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Da ja in Kürze die Indie Pop Days in Berlin stattfinden, habe ich mir die Teilnehmerliste mal genauer angeschaut…da ich die Pocketbooks schon länger kenne habe ich die Band um ein Interview gebeten! Das möchte ich natürlich niemandem vorenthalten, vor allem die Konzerterlebnisse lassen mich neidisch werden.
Hier das Interview:

Please introduce yourself in some words!

Andy: Hi, we’re a pop group from London. Well, we’ve all somehow ended up living in London having grown up in various parts of the UK. There’s Daniel (bass guitar), Emma (vocals and keyboards), Ian (guitar), Jonny (drums) and me (vocals and piano). We’ve been together for about four years and we’ve released one album called Flight Paths.

What are your plans for the band’s future? Any releases or any concerts in Germany planned? I know you are playing in Berlin…are you friends with any other band playing the festival? I hope I will get a cheap train to visit the Berlin IndiePop Days…:)

Andy: At the moment we’ve only the one concert planned in Germany, which is the Berlin festival you’ve mentioned on the first weekend of September. It looks amazing – it’s taking place in a water tower in Kreuzberg which is built to look like a middle ages castle! We’d love to come over and play in some other German cities at some point though, perhaps if we release another record.

Daniel: I think we can count Allo Darlin’ and The Sunny Street amongst our friends at the festival, and we’ve met Zipper a couple of times over in the UK. Nice guys all.

Have you ever played in Germany? Or have you been here and how do you like it?

Daniel: Yes, we played in Berlin last year at the NBI. We had a great time, the lovely audience wouldn’t let us off the stage! I love Berlin, I’ve visited a couple of times now and I’m looking forward to coming back.

What was your greatest moment with your band so far and what are your aims for the future?

Andy: I think my favourite memories are of travelling around to different cities and meeting some really nice people. There’s so many fantastic people putting on gigs, clubs and festivals and it’s really nice to take part in that. A few of us help out with the Indietracks festival, which is an indiepop festival on a steam railway in the countryside, and we’ve really loved playing at that as a band. That’s been a definite highlight! For the future, I’d just like us to try and write some really good songs and make sure we’re enjoying ourselves. The top priority for 2010, however, is to finally get a decent picture taken of ourselves!

Which band or artist is heavily underestimated or overseen in your eyes? Are there any young bands you would like to introduce to our readers?

Daniel: For underestimated or overseen, I would go with the noisier bands from the C86 comp, the indiepop world tends to forget about the likes of Stump and Big Flame. New groups I’m not too hot on, but La La Vasquez are an amazing band who’ve not been around for too long.

Andy: I love the recent Magic Theatre album, which came out earlier this year. I think they’ve signed to Elefant now.

Which was the best concert you have ever been to?

Andy: In 2004 (I think) I caught the overnight coach to Scotland (nine hours) to see Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura at the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow. It was a free all-day outdoor concert and I’d only decided to go the day before. So it was as close as I get to a spur-of-the-moment adventure! It was gloriously sunny and the atmosphere was amazing. Other than that, I could pick any of the Super Furry Animals or Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci shows I went to in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Are there any movies, shows or books you like very much at the moment? Or probably a youtube video or special website?

Daniel: I’ve been watching the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand quite a lot lately, great post-apocalyptic drama. The last book I read was Monsignor Quixote by Graham Greene, it’s about a priest and a communist former mayor on the road in Spain just after Franco’s death. A fantastic read.

Countryside or citylife? What would you choose?

Daniel: City life every time for me. The hustle and bustle and the nightlife make it all worthwhile.

Andy: I love the countryside, but I think I’d starve without a 24-hour shop at the end of the road. I’m too dependent on the instant convenience of city life to survive long in the country.

Free MP3s

Here’s two free Pocketbooks MP3s, from our album Flight Paths, which you’re welcome to make available:

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