The Cavalcade im Interview zum kommenden Album

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Nachdem ich mich gestern so geärgert habe, dass ich die Konzerte von Allo’ Darlin und Wild Nothing verpasse, habe ich mich für die nächsten Monate etwas besser informiert und bin mal wieder auf The Cavalcade gestoßen.
Die britische Band veröffentlicht Mitte August ein Album mit dem Namen Many Moons und geht anschließend auf große Europa Tour! Die Termine sind noch nicht final, Sie versuchen noch einen Gig in Köln zu spielen, oder ggf. werde ich ansonsten probieren was in Aachen zu organisieren (Das würde dann Mitte Oktober sein).

Ich habe Craig und Stephen für ein Interview gewinnen können, sehr sympathisch die Beiden, aber lest selber!

I was very happy to hear you announce a Europe Tour this fall, have you ever played in Germany before? Or have you been here and how do you like it?

Craig: We have never played Germany before but I have been there. I once tried to book a holiday in Berlin but somehow ended up going to Frankfurt. I loved it! The bratwurst is the greatest hangover food ever!
Stephen: I haven’t been before so I’m really looking forward to it!

So you are about to release your first LP this month. Congratulations! In the time of producing the record what were your influences and how was your normal day work?

Craig: We’re influenced by Felt, The Loft, The Puddle, The Clientele, The Go-Betweens, The Servants…

With the writing and recording we tend to work in patches really, but we don’t knuckle down for weeks on end, even though we would like to. We tend to just do it in a week. Neither of us particularly enjoy recording as we never feel that we achieve our live sound on record, but I think a lot of people feel like that.

Which band or artist is heavily underestimated or overseen. Are there any young bands you would like to introduce to our readers?

Craig: A few bands I would say people don’t seem to talk about much would be: The Blue Orchids, The Puddle, The Pins, Monroe Mustang…
Stephen: My favourite new bands at the moment are The Felt Tips from Glasgow and My Laundry Life from Germany.

(My Laundry Life werde ich in Kürze hier mal vorstellen)

Which was the best concert you have ever been to?

Craig: I really enjoyed watching The Orchids at Indietracks this year. Other than that I would say The Clientele when we played with them in London in December 2009.
Stephen: I saw one of The Wild Swans’ reunion shows in Liverpool last year, which was really quite special. Indietracks was an amazing experience this year too.

Any movies or books you like very much at the moment?

Craig: Movies: Three Colours Trilogy by Krzysztof Kieślowski, Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky, Climates by Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Books: The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper, Selected Poems by Octavio Paz, The Tango Singer by Tomás Eloy Martínez…

Countryside or citylife?

Craig: The countryside and the city both have their charms. I grew up in a village surrounded by farmland but I never really appreciated it until I left and moved to the city to go to University. I haven’t properly appreciated the city I live in either. When we go to Europe I hope to explore it all!

Thank you very much for this short talk!

Here again for Download: The Cavalcade – Meet You in The Rain

Don’t miss the tour :)

31 August – 1 September Paris, France
2-3 September Lyon, France
4-5 September Limoges, France
6-7 September Toulouse, France
8-9 September Barcelona, Spain
10-11 September Madrid, Spain
12-13 September Murcia, Spain
15-16 September Milano, Italy
17-18 September Bologna, Italy
19-20 September Roma, Italy
24-25 September Thessaloniki, Greece
26 September Athens, Greece
29 September Dresden, Germany
30 Sept- 1st October Berlin, Germany
2-3 October Prague, Czech
4-5 October Vienna, Austria
6-7 October Nürnberg, Germany
8-9 October Luxembourg, Luxembourg
10 October Brussels, Belgium
11 October Ghent, Belgium
13 October Antwerp, Belgium
14-15 October Rotterdam, Netherlands
16-17 October Amsterdam, Netherlands
18-19 October Hamburg, Germany
20-21 October Copenhagen, Denmark
22-23 October Malmö, Sweden
24-25 October Gothenburg, Sweden
26-27 October Stockholm, Sweden
29-30 October Oslo, Norway

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